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Dry Cleaning & Tailor Services
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Magic Touch Cleaners and Tailor offers many services to accommodate a variety of clothing cleaning and alteration needs.

Expert Tailoring & Alterations

Our tailoring services include everything you need such as sleeve shortening, pants hemming, taking in or letting out a waistband, dress alterations, suit jacket alterations, and taking in a shirt for a more tailored fit. We also sew on extra buttons, punch extra belt holes, sew torn seams, patch holes, repair zippers, and replace snaps. If one of your favorite items is not wearable due to one of these flaws, don’t throw it away—we can fix it.

Suede & Leather Conditioning

Suede and leather items need to be conditioned to avoid drying, cracking, and stains. Magic Touch Cleaners and Tailor conditions your shoes, jackets, and other items with a gentle moisturizing cream. We also have protector sprays to keep out water and mud. We can remove stains with a brush and gentle cleaning agents such as baking soda. You should have your suede or leather conditioned once a year to maximize the item’s lifespan.

Heirloom Wedding Dress Preservation

We preserve wedding dresses to keep them in good condition for years to come. We will spot clean any dirt on the hem or remove any accumulated moisture such as water or sweat. Our team checks for any loose buttons or beads and will secure them before placing the dress in a box that will protect it from damp areas and dust.


Reweaving is a specialized skill for repairing holes and tears in garments, especially fine formal materials. It involves hand weaving thread strands into the garments damaged area, creating invisible repairs. Three common methods include the French reweave, inweaving, and reknitting. Each is done with intricate care and can be used to fix small or large tears and holes.


Despite their large size, which makes washing them at home difficult, Magic Touch Cleaners and Tailor washes drapes so you can hang them up again dust and stain free.


We can dry clean any type of rug from a welcome mat to a small rug or large area rug, including tapestries and expensive rugs. We will remove all the dust, dirt, and stains as well as brush the rug to restore its plush texture.


Pillows must be washed carefully to avoid tearing and losing stuffing. Our cleaning experts remove stains and dust while protecting the pillowcase and filling, leaving your pillows fluffy and more comfortable. We can wash bed, body, and decorative couch pillows.


Most comforters are too large and plush to fit in a home washing machine. Magic Touch Cleaners and Tailor will wash your comforter for you, whether it needs stain removal or an overall cleaning.

Winter Storage

If you don’t have the space to store all your fine winter garments such as suits, sweaters, slacks, and furs, we can store them for you in our facilities. We will remove any stains or food particles to prevent attracting insects. Our dry, temperature controlled storage area will ensure these items are protecting from the humid, warm summer season. You can schedule a date in fall to pick them up and we will call to remind you.

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