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guy holding dry cleaningMagic Touch Cleaners and Tailor are experts in tailoring and alterations for Geneva, Illinois. If you need adjustments to an item you’ve had for a while, your new pair of jeans, or your dress or tux for an important event, we will make them fit perfectly. We offer dry cleaning as well and do everything in-house. We have over 26 years of experience and were voted Best Dry Cleaners in 2014 by the Won Chronicle Readers Choice Awards.

We are a husband and wife team and are very service oriented, courteous, and accommodating. If you have several items you are picking up, we can help you bring them to your car. We go the extra mile to make you happy and receive personalized service. We also offer free delivery and same day service. Ask us about our current specials to see if we can offer you a discount.

B.G. Said:

"Is it weird if I say I love coming into drop my stuff off at a dry cleaner?

The best dry cleaners I have ever been to. I agree with the other reviewer when they state that the 2 owners (I think they are a husband and wife team) are very service oriented. They accept competitors coupons and are always kind and polite. The owner (female) has done several alteration jobs for me and will make sure you are completely satisfied, I am short so she has done everything from altering pants to taking up sleeves. When I come in they always put me in a good mood their personalities are wonderful and the good mood they are always in are contagious!

One time I had taken so much in to be cleaned (I think 20+ pieces) the owner (male) offered to take my dry cleaning out to the car for me, which I thought was considerate and it took my by surprise because I have never ever received that kind of service at a dry cleaner before.

I always return to this particular dry cleaners for their great service and event better customer service!"

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